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Special Function

Ctrl + F to search the features

Homepage Content Display

1. Product Tag Display

2. Product Tag with Add To Cart (E-Commerce) (with CN version)

3. Product Tag with Add To Quotation

4. Homepage Product with Add To Cart (E-Commerce) (productsbycat) (productsbycat) (productsbycat) (latest products) (latest products) (latest products) (latest products) (latest products)
5. Homepage Show Product By Category (productsbycat) (productsbycat) (category) (category) (category) (category) (category)

6. Homepage Content with Static or Fixed Background

7. Latest News / Promotion Embed

8. Facebook Page Timeline Embed

9. Clients / Brands logo Auto Run / Moving

10. Latest Products Manual "Next"

11. Mouse Hover Effect

12. Video Embed

13. Long Section in Homepage

14. Product Drag Slider

15. Scrolling Down with Animate Effects

***Managed by Client Side

Product Display and Features

1. Product without border

2. Product show in 1 row 1 col (with sub-images)

3. Product Display in Round Shape

4. Product Zoom in Feature

5. Product with Description Details

6. Product Category Description

7. Product upload in PNG files (merge background) 

8. Left Category Bar appear in product page ONLY

Add to Cart (NEWPSGES ID member login, Option, iPay88, Paypal)

1. with option & ipay88 & paypal (whatsapp checkout)

2. with option & ipay88 & NEWPAGES ID (member login) 

3. with ipay88 (whatsapp checkout) (big pricing)

4. with option & NEWPAGES ID (member login) (whatsapp checkout) (whatsapp checkout) (whatsapp checkout)

5. with ipay88 & NEWPAGES ID (member login) (whatsapp checkout)

6. with NEWPAGES ID (member login)

7. with Paypal (whatsapp checkout) (whatsapp checkout)

8. with Request for Quotation (whatsapp checkout) (whatsapp checkout) 

9. with Paypal & Oversea Currency (USD whatsapp checkout) (AUD) (AUD)

10. e-Commerce with T&C 

11. e-Commerce with option

12. NEWSTORE E-commerce *website no add to cart

Fully Responsive on Mobile

Black Theme

Latest News Pop Up (show all)

3D Banner Effects

Banner with layer Animation

Search Bar at Top

Background Mix with Menu

Full Page Banner

1. Fullpage Banner

2. Product Crop Mix with Background

Products Category in Menu Button 

Downspace Appear in All pages

Google Translator

LiveChat Code Plugin


Full Width Functional Pages

1. Without Left Product Category Bar

Mix Language

Switch Languages (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu)

THREE Languages (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu)

TWO Languages (English, Chinese)

TWO Languages (English, Bahasa Melayu)

TWO Languages (Chinese, Bahasa Melayu)

Member Login (NEWPAGES ID)

Special Function (form / booking / warranty)

1. products warranty system with backend

2. hotel booking with backend

3. special do form

4. crm login

5. Bottom special contact form 

6. Transport Booking Form

Add to Quotation

Download Page

Career Page

Services Page

1. With Image & Description (with category)

"Others" Button, if "Photo Gallery" Used

Paypal Direct Payment (bottom paypal icon) (left panel paypal icon)

Testimonials Tab

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